2. Was relistening Annabel Pitcher’s “My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece” book read by David Tennant, and came up with Jamie and Sunya portraits. 

  3. Колино лето / Kolya’s summer

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  5. Sooo, we’re making digital edition of Shakespeare’s Richard II play, based on RSC production starring David Tennant! Check out the link and join our project, if you feel like it! Reposts are strongly appreciated)


  7. btw if you think I gave up with Richard II illustrating, you’re soo wrong)
    even more - that’s the reason why i didn’t post any pictures for so long.
    for now it’s a secret, but wait.. say.. until Autumn, and, if we’re lucky enough, you’ll see.image


  8. shredsandpatches:


    u can tell a lot about a person by their background on their phones

    YES *high-fives you*

    Mine’s avoirbanane's drawing of the Flint Castle scene.

    aww so pleased!

  9. people in museums of Scotland

  10. How To Train Your Dragon