I’m happy to know that you, guys, are interested in our Richard II book, and some of you even ask if there is a possibilily to get a copy for themselves. Well, it was an experimental crowdfunding project, so everyone has simply paid for a copy, that’s why there’s no spare books left.


    It MIGHT BE A SECOND PRINT, it depends on how many people want to get a copy. Price also depends on a number of copies - we’ve printed 77 copies, so one costed us 1400 roubles, which is around 22£/35$/27€. It’s not a commercial project and none of the organizers is getting any profit out of it, so it’s a pure price for a copy. But there’s also shipping, I think it can probably cost as much as a book(. 
    Anyways, our organizers need a break for now - I’m sure you understand - so I think we will do something about it after Christmas. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know if something happens in this field. And thank you very much for showing interest, it’s very-very pleasing)


  2. We. Made. It.

    Less than 5 months have passed since our absolutely mad idea of making an illustrated book based on RSC Richard II production.
    Today we finally got our very first copy of the book. I hope we’ll get all the rest by the end of this month.
    P.S. I can’t post the illustrations yet, I’ll do it after everyone who was helping us to realise the project and paid for it gets the copy.



    Hi, guys! I’m back) Sorry for no updates, I’ve been busy with the book (check out the next post) and been abroad for a bit.
    I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who was helping me with Stephen Fry’s poster competition. I didn’t win, but the winner is very good, so it’s fair. Not so fair is that the second place – public choice – was given to some not nice guys cause they’ve obviously been cheating with the voices, so all the other artists are still quite in shock about it. Just to let you know, how the things are)
    BUT. It doesn’t matter anyways.
    The thing that actually MATTERS, is all your nice comments and tags (yes, I spend hours just reading them, it’s so touching, really), all your good luck wishes, all those warm words I got from you. It’s difficult for me to find the right words to explain, HOW PRECIOUS IT IS FOR ME. It helps to get me going. To get me drawing. It’s like the most inspiring thing I can think about. THANKS A BILLION.



    C’mon guys! Just 5 hours to go, but there’s always a chance! Let’s do a thing: YOU VOTE FOR MY WORK HERE: https://www.talenthouse.com/i/386/submission/132493/395ddea8 & REBLOG, THEN DROP YOUR IDEA OF A PICTURE IN MY ASK. IF I WIN, I PROMISE TO DRAW AS MANY REQUESTS AS I CAN, IN THE OTHER CASE I’ll STILL DRAW 10 ON MY CHOICE. That can be an illustration for your fanfic, or just someone’s portrait - maybe yours?, it can be your pet, your favourite character, etc, as long as it’s not real person shipping, slash, rude or offensive, or I just don’t have a faintlest idea of what are you talking about. My favs are: DOCTOR WHO, TORCHWOOD, TAKIN’ OVER THE ASYLUM, LIFE ON MARS, BROADCHURCH, PLEASE LIKE ME, QI, JONATHAN CREEK, SKINS, SHERLOCK, but I watch lots of stuff, especially British.

    AGAIN, VOTE HERE: https://www.talenthouse.com/i/386/submission/132493/395ddea8
    (you can vote with both facebook & twitter)

    Take a look at my blog to check out my pictures. Here’s some examples:


  5. Guys! I want to ask you for a huge favour.
    The thing is, I’m taking part at “Stephen Fry: Live!” poster competition, and if you can spare a minute to take a look at my picture: https://www.talenthouse.com/i/386/submission/132493/395ddea8 and vote for it (if you like it, of course) I would be more, than grateful! Thank you!

  6. <3

  10. Was relistening Annabel Pitcher’s “My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece” book read by David Tennant, and came up with Jamie and Sunya portraits.